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We were gonna make a mobile game that we would put on the Google Play Store. Because our team only had 2 team members we wanted to keep it really small.

The knight Nit needs to defend this world from Drek the angry dragon. Nit needs to defead Drek and save the world and the princesses. Dodge fireballs, catch princesses and hit the flickering scales to defead Drek. How high of a score can you get?

(There is a small and simple tutorial in the options)


Tab/Click under the line to move

Tab/Click above the line to throw a sword straight up from Nit’s position


Christmass Update can be enabled and disabled in the options.

Engine: Unity

Code languages: C#

When build: 2018

Build Time: Around 9 weeks

What did I make/do:

Me and Kim where looking for some extra people to help but there was no one left. So we started it with the 2 of us. I programmed the whole game and Kim made all the art assets. Also added leaderboards with my own database.

My Team:

Dev: Fabio van Haarlem(Me)

Art: Kim Klooster


Things that went wrong:

At the end the project folder became a little messy. But we had a lot of fun with eachother. We even made a easter egg where you can get the old head for the dragon. It started as a joke but we liked it a lot.

Project Partner

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