The core was already build so we had to complete the game. We made Interactions, AI and systems. We wanted to make it more like a thriller so we made the game dark and focused on lighting effects.

There is a small README with the download. The controls and some other things that you need to know are in it.

Engine: Unity

Code languages: C#

When build: 2017

Build Time: Around 8 weeks

What did I make/do:

Door controls, light/battery System, wave spawner, audio system, intro, elevator, power boxes(charge stations), main menu movement. I also added and tweaked all post effects.

Things that went wrong:

We started a bit slow because we had to research the already build core. Also the AI was not coded the best by my co-developer. We had some preformence issues so it takes a while to load from main menu to game. We also did not have a tutorial so we had to add the controlls is a separete file.